About Medicine

2018 Winter “The Making of an Epidemic” Threepenny Review

2011 “The Color of Kidneys” essay Am J Kidney Dis 2011;58 (5) xxvii-xxviii

2010 Summer“Collateral Damage” The Threepenny Review

2006 “Going Blind on Our Watch” essay Health Affairs   Summer

2008 When the Personal Was Political; Five Women Doctors Look Back iUniverse

“This concise, lively and sometimes humorous history will interest men and women of all ages.” New England Journal of Medicine, January 8, 2009

1995 Martin, TL et al. Physician and patient prevention practices in NIDDM ina large urban managed care organization. Diabetes Care 1995 Aug;18(8):1124-32

1990-2001 Contributor, East Bay Express newspaper, 20 medical essays and book reviews.   3 essays in Hippocrates, one each in Medical Economics, Whole Earth

1983 How to Survive Medical School, Holt Rinehart and Winston

“Very seldom are recollections of the strenuous years in medical school full of the warmth, sensitivity and caring that Dr. Toni Martin reveals in this beautifully written book” June Jackson Christmas, M.D. Medical Professor of Behavioral Science, CUNY                 

Non-Fiction, Non-Medical

Winter 2019, “The Accordion in the Closet” The Threepenny Review

Fall 2017 “A Symposium on Neighborhoods” The Threepenny review

2016 to 2018, monthly garden column The Berkeley Times

Spring 2013 participant “Symposium on Absolom, Absolom” The Threepenny Review

January 2010 “Steady” East Bay Monthly

Fall 2009 “A Symposium on the Piano” The Threepenny Review

Summer 2006 “Almost Algerian” The Threepenny Review

Winter 2005 “Inside the Music” The Threepenny Review

February 2004 “My French Soldier” East Bay Monthly

Fall 2003 “Enough” The Threepenny Review

October 2003 “Once More with Feeling” East Bay Monthly

Summer 2003 “Still Water” ZYZZYVA

Short Stories

2018 “Reflected Light” Yemassee

2015 “18 Hours in São Paulo” Bellevue Literary Review

Winter 2013 “Sara and Us” Persimmon Tree online magazine

Fall 2013 “EyeSeeYou” Winner Orlando Prize, a Room of Her Own Foundation

January 2012 “One by One” honorable mention, very short fiction, Glimmer Train

December 2011 “Hardy’s Mother” Berkeley Monthly, finalist for 5th annual Micro Award

2010“White Girl” second prize, fiction, Shaking Like a Mountain.com

2007 “Fool’s Gold” second prize, fiction, South Bay Writers Club

2006 “If I Were” Literary Mama.com