What happened?

Those of us who pushed our way into "male" careers forty years ago learned to cope with a workplace that was not welcoming to women--it was the only way to do what we wanted to do. They told us that we had to be tough, and part of being tough for women was not letting men derail us.  As I wrote in The Personal was Political  we were astonished to learn during the Anita Hill hearings that there was a name, sexual harassment, for the abuse of power we took for granted. So I am not shocked by the current revelations, more surprised at the reaction this year when last year it was business as usual.  Years ago, I wrote a short story (fiction) based on one situation I encountered in training, a story which was published in the online magazine Persimmon Tree.  http://www.persimmontree.org/v2/winter-2013/sara-and-us/